Master of cinematic grandeur, Pop-Rock Vocalist Dalea is one of the most intriguing acts to emerge from the New York scene in recent years. Her story in music began in 2008, when after the passing of her father, she left her career in High Fashion to work in music full time. Dalea founded the band Quimera Music  which was active from 2009-2013 and set out to balance the best aspects of rock, pop and epic cinema music. Her first album “Love and Madness” (were she collaborated with various composers) was released relatively under the radar, with the Argentininan label Twilight Records. It wasn’t until the release of her second (double) album titled “IMMORTAL”, now working exclusively with Swedish composer Patrick Rundblad, that she was greeted with nods from music critics and fans from around the globe.

After four years with her band, Dalea set out to pursue a solo career and to continue evolving her music. Armed with single releases, music videos and cameos in film soundtracks, Dalea and Patrick began writing and recording her debut solo album titled ‘VISITOR’, which released May 24, 2016. The rest, is a story still being written now.

• Before dedicating to music professionally, Dalea was a professional fashion designer in New York City (DKNY, Vanity Fair)
• When her double album "Immortal" released (2012), it was leaked online. It had over 68,000 illegal downloads before link was found and disabled
• Dalea has a genetic marker called 'Androgen insensitivity syndrome', she uses her experience to speak about diversity and inspiration
• Dalea is the founder of the inspiration and diversity awareness campaign "Girl Comet" (founded in May 2014) She has been featured in Magazines as COSMOPOLITAN, LATINA USA, NPR Radio and UK's VADA, among others
• Her singing voice has been featured in independent films ("Jesus The Desire of Ages", "Somewhere In Between") and in meditation programs
• Dalea has been featured as Speaker on Inspiration and Diversity at NY University (NYU) and Activist Center Bluestockings, in NY, among others
• Dalea splits her time between LA, NY and Sweden