•  JULY 20, 2017: (EN ESPAÑOL) Otro nuevo video, este es un mensaje para los padres de chicas ó chicos con SIA ú otras diferencias de desarrollo sexual. Espero les guste:

  JULY 14, 2017: (EN ESPAÑOL) Aquí está un video nuevo en Español, para chicas que tienen el síndrome de insensibilidad a los andrógenos. Espero lo disfruten y ayude en algo.

  JULY 11, 2017: New Interview with Babe.Net, ‘My first thought was, I guess I’m not woman enough’ -Dalea  Sharing experiences as a woman with androgen insensitivity syndrome. Read here:

•  APRIL 27, 2017: NEW Follow-up to my Interview with NPR Latino USA. The 3 things that didn't make it in the original interview: On Breast Implants, Intersex/Labels and a message to Youth and

Parents. Listen here:

•  MARCH 24, 2017: NEW Radio Interview with Dalea on NPR Latino USA. "No longer hiding in plain sight" plus FREE Song Download. Listen here:

   FEB 7, 2017: NEW Dalea spotlight on Latina Magazine. "Destigmatizing the "I" in LGBTQI.

Read here:

   JAN 12, 2017: NEW Video!  Watch Question the IMPOSSIBLE, a new video in our Icon's Creed series, by Girl Comet. Watch here:

  OCT 26, 2016: [En Español] Octubre 26 es el día Mundial de la visibilización de la Intersexualidad. Un día para difundir información y apoyo. En este video, Dalea describe lo que es el termino intersexual, ademas de 5 hechos interesantes de el síndrome de insensibilidad a los andrógenos (SIA)] Enlace:

   Dalea's first interview in Spanish is live now! Rock Female Goddesses interviews Dalea, it has a translation (just below the Spanish version). Read it here:  

•  AUG 9, 2016: NEW VIDEO! Watch "Find your light, change your life", a new video in our Icon's Creed series, by Girl Comet. Watch here:

    JUNE 2015: NEW Interview! The 'Love is Pop' interview with Dalea is here! Michael McCarthy and Dalea chat about life, LGBTI issues, bullying and never giving up! Read it here:
   MARCH 28, 2016: NEW Video! Success is a Choice  a new video in our Icon's Creed series, by Girl Comet. Watch here:
   DEC 17, 2015 : NEW Video!  We are all miracles, a new video in our Icon's Creed series, by Girl Comet.

Watch here:
   NOV 17, 2015: ANNOUNCEMENT New Inspirational Series "Icon's Creed"  releases first episode. Watch I understand . Watch via this link:
   Oct 26, 2015: NEW video for Intersex Awareness Day, 2015.

Watch here:
   Come see Dalea speak on intersex visibility, Human Rights and inspiration. NYU, October 24, 6PM and Bluestockings activist center, October 22, 7PM (see poster above for details)
   Dalea is featured in COSMOPOLITAN! You can read her interview here:
   2014: Interview with Dalea "Challenging Perspectives" at UK's VADA Magazine


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ENGLISH  ( en Español abajo )
Founded by Recording artist Dalea in May 2014. Girl Comet was born in Dalea's heart from her personal experiences growing up in obscurity, with Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome and subject of bullying in her childhood/teen years. Dedicated to teens and young adults, Girl Comet is committed to emblazon inspiration. We showcase the beauty of imperfection, we feature possibility, and the wisdom that can be derived from overcoming adversity. Girl Comet exists as a watchtower of what inspiration can potentially do for this world, if we were all to focus on the cultivation of the human spirit in young minds.

Our online campaign is here for you; we have faith that with your support, we will grow to be an international candle of hope and information.

Girl Comet o Señorita Cometa, fue fundada por la cantante de Pop/Rock Dalea, en Mayo de el 2014. Esta Iniciativa nació en el corazón de ella por sus experiencias personales creciendo en la oscuridad, con síndrome de insensibilidad a los andrógenos, y victima de bullying en su niñez y adolescencia. Girl Comet es dedicada a los preadolescentes, adolescentes y adultos jóvenes, con una promesa de difundir inspiración, de mostrar la belleza de la imperfección, y la fuerza que se puede encontrar tras la superación de la adversidad. Girl Comet existe como una torre de fuerza para la juventud, plantando inspiracion, amor y esperanza.

Nuestra comunidad va creciendo poco a poco, nosotros tenemos fe que con su apoyo, vamos a ser un movimiento internacional de positividad e información.
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